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Maťo - Guitar

Martin Vanko

Martin was born on New Year’s Eve and he grown up in care of his own parents, who mixed to his rim also music talent. He started to play guitar when he was ten years old. First years he successfully skips trainings and escaped from control of his strict mother. Somehow in the end something broke inside him and he started to play for his own pleasure and as years went by he played with many bands a lot of concerts. Nowadays he plays in Pretty Cool, Editor and simultaneously he's working on his own music with different musicians. As every artist he trust to became famous after his death :-)

  • Sign: capricorn
  • Hair: long light-brown
  • Eyes: greenish blue
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 88 kg
  • Favourite activities: skialpinism and everything related to adrenaline...
  • Favourite music: AC/DC, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, UFO, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and own music
  • Favourite movie: Kouř, Trsátko osudu, Basčovanský a zať, Svéráz národního rybolovu
  • Favourite meal: meat and vegetable made by any cooking method, just to be tasty and hot
  • Favourite drinks: beer
  • Favourite animals: cats
  • Favourite colour: orange
  • Dislike: many things, but the most spinach



  • Jackson DK2 black
  • LTD Alexi white 200
  • Epiphone- lespaul custom black
  • Epiphon goldtop lespaul( made in America)


  • Engl Richie Blackmore 100W
  • Signature Engl Box 2xV30 celestion
  • 120W Procesor T.C.Electronic G-Major1
  • Behringer Midi Controler 1010

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