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Tomino - Keyboards

Tomáš Ivanka

Tomáš was born in Martin on one hot summer day almost three years after his brother Peter. From his birth he lives and stay under mountains of Veľká Fatra in beautiful village Belá-Dulice. He uses to spend his free time during summer holidays and winter in Jasenská dolina. He finished his study on Gymasium of Viliam Paulíny-Tóth in Martin in 2012. He continues his study in art field, as an actor on University in Banská Bystrica. He started to study music as 7 years old on Basic Art School in Martin. Initially he was planning to play drums, but finally he finished with keyboard. He inherits his musical talent from his grandfather. He already finished Basic Art School two times. He also attended national keyboard competition. He celebrated success at second time. Nowadays he plays in Pretty Cool band as a keyboard player.

  • Sign: leo
  • Hair: brown
  • Eyes: brown
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 64 kg
  • Favourite activities: music, sports (bike, ski, swimming, hiking...), photography, meteorology
  • Favourite music: Jazz, (Piano Jazz - boogie woogie, blues), pop rock
  • Favourite movie: I don't have, but I like comedies and horrors
  • Favourite meal: pancakes
  • Favourite drinks: all (I don't like water too much)
  • Favourite animals: all except polecat, rats, cockroaches and pussy cats :D
  • Favourite colour: yellow, blue, green, red, black
  • Dislike: grievance, conceit, history, raining days



  • Doepfer LMK4+


  • Laptop Apple MacBook Pro
  • Sound card M-Audio ProFire 610
  • Sound software libraries Instruments Komplete, Philharmonic, and others
  • Logic Pro and Main Stage

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